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Welcome! There are presently Durtschis in Switzerland, France and the United States as well as a few in other countries. If you're of Durtschi ancestry, we hope you'll feel at home. There's still many families of Durtschis in Faulensee, Switzerland, where the name was born in 1838. Please feel free to visit the forum and say hi, add your name to the address book or put your birthday or special Durtschi events on the calendar. You can also add your E-mail address to the Durtschi News sign up form (below) and get mailings when something's been added to the site or we get news that should be passed along. You can even get your own free durtschi.com E-mail address. And if you have any comments on how to make the site better, we'd appreciate hearing from you. Enjoy!

The 2006 Durtschi Family Reunion was a spectacular event. Thank you to everyone for attending and making it such a successful event.

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