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Rosina Katharina Hiltbrand Durtschi, born 31 October 1850 in Wimmis, Bern, Switzerland.
Color of eyes: Blue. Color of hair: Black. Rosy complexion.
Baptized 20 August 1905 by David Hirschi.
Confirmed by George C. Heiner 20 August 1905.
Married Edward Durtschi, 25 August 1877 in Wimmis, Bern, Switzerland.
Sealed to her husband and eleven children in the Salt Lake Temple 20 January 1908.
Died 25 December, 1923 in Driggs, Teton, Idaho.
She was the daughter of Christian Hiltbrand and Susanna Itten, she had 5 brothers and 4 sisters. She was related to Pope Gregory VII.

        Rosina Katharina Hiltbrand grew up in Wimmis and went to school there. She was a beautiful girl with big blue eyes, as blue as the sky, black hair and rosy complexion. Her mother was a very religious woman and she always took Rosina to Church with her and at home as a family they took turns reading the Bible in the evening. On Sundays and when My Mother had children of her own, she raised them the same way, each had to take their turn as soon as they learned to read. I remember one evening especially, it was my turn to read and it happened to be the 27th chapter of Matthew, how they crucified Christ and I began to cry.
        Before we went to bed we read out of a prayerbook, sometimes, and we always said the blessing on the food. Mother was good to the poor and fed the beggars that came to our house. She was good to the Mormon missionaries, always feeding them the best she had and gave them the best bed, but it took a year before she was converted to the Latter-day Saints Church and was baptized by David Hirschi and confirmed by George C. Heiner. Four of her youngest children were baptized and confirmed the same time, also the second oldest daughter. The oldest was married and wasn't baptized until the 11th of March, 1906 and also her husband the same time.
        Her oldest son who lived in Chicago then came to Utah and was baptized in Midway, 24 June 1906. A month after Mother was baptized, they sold their home and farm and emigrated to Midway, Utah, U.S.A. where I lived and soon they bought a 30 acre farm with a good home on it. They lived there until 1917 when they traded their farm for a 160 acre farm in Driggs, Idaho where two of her sons lived. Each of them had a 200 acre farm but it was a cold country and many times when they were so sure of a good harvest of grain and potatoes the frost came and made it almost worthless. It was a good cattle country and still is. In 1918 a hailstorm destroyed their crops.
        In March 1922 she lost her oldest son in death, the father of five living children. In 1923 her husband was sick for four months and passed away on the 20th of July. Two months later she had a stroke and was bedfast for three months, in my home, and passed away on Christmas day 1923, 6 P.M. and buried three days later by the side of her husband and near her son in the Pratt Cemetery, Alta, Wyoming, one (1) mile east of the Idaho border line.
        She was a Lutheran before she became a Mormon.

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