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Life Story Of Christian Turtschi

Written and Copyright by Freda Durtschi Baker


"Having been born of goodly parents" this family established a tradition of honesty, integrity and industry. All were hard workers and believed in giving value for value received.

The world was made more beautiful because the members of this family loved to plant and nurture flowers. They were always generous with the blossoms that nature provided. The world was made fruitful because they planted gardens and bushes and trees and shared the luscious fruits thereof with neighbors, friends and those in need.

The world was made a happier place because these men and women were willing to serve God and mankind. They worked in the Church and rendered aid to the sick and the needy. Several have filled missions to help spread the Gospel message to others, that they might know the joy it can bring into their lives. Most have taught, or served in other capacities to improve knowledge and love among the children of men,

This is the value of good families with high goals.
       Freda Durtschi Baker, January 1978


        Christian Turtschi, son of Samuel Turtschi and Magdalena Bischoff, born Jan, 13, 1782 at Faulensee, Bern Canton, Switzerland, married Dec. 6, 1805 Elisabetha Durrand. She was born in Spiez, May 29, 1774 the daughter of Kaspar Durrand and Anna Schneitter, Christian and Elisabetha were the parents of seven children all born in Spiez.

        1) The first son was born Dec. 26, 1805 and died a few hours later.
        2) Elisabetha, born Nov. 23, 1806; she also died in infancy.
        3) Christian, Jan. 24, 1808. Married Maria Lisette Tanner. He passed away Feb. 11, 1855, forty-seven years of age.
        4) Johannes was born March 25, 1809. (History follows)
        5) Elisabetha, the second, born May 24, 1810, Married Jakob Schnietter, She died at age 68, April 28, 1876.
        6) Jakob, May 7, 1813, married Susanna Beiner and they parented five children. He died April 28, 1848, age 35.
        7) Albrecht, born May 25, 1816. Married Magdalena Itten; they were the parents of nine children. He died May 14, 1875, age 59.

        Christian was very poor and was unable to provide for his family, so some of the children were "farmed" out to villagers, where they were expected to earn their board and keep.
        Elisabetha died Feb. 17, 1838 at the age of 64. Christian lived until age 72. He died Oct. 2, 1854.

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