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The Edward Durtschi Sr. Family Story
This work Copyright 1987 for the Durtschi Family by Mark Durtschi.
All Rights Reserved.

Cover of the Edward Durtschi, Sr. Story. This story is about Edward Durtschi, Sr, who lived between 1849 and 1923. He was the grandchild of the first Durtschi, 'Christian Turtschi or Durtschi'.

This is the story of Edward and his wife and children who were living in Wimmis, Switzerland. It tells how they joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and immigrated to Utah then Idaho. It is a remarkable story of how a family, divided in Switzerland, were again reunited in America. We think you'll enjoy this story of a family overcoming adversity to live fruitful and happy lives.

Should you want your own copy of this book, the compiler still has a couple of boxes of them. As he has recouped his funds on this project, he is willing to send you a copy for the cost of shipping only. If you'd like one, just send him a piece of E-mail.

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